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In 2016-2017, a large number of ceramic production lines were closed because of environmental protection. In addition, many ceramic production areas have also introduced the "No longer approve the new ceramic project" and other policies in the face of increasingly serious cost pressures and channel pressure, more and more ceramic enterprises choose to launch a cautious new production line. When China's ceramics industry is busy with the transformation and upgrading, the building ceramics industry in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Far East of the Middle East, and even in Africa, has rapidly developed. This has attracted many domestic enterprises to invest and set up factories.

Data show that in 2016, consumer demand for ceramic tiles in Asia reached 8.818 billion square meters, Asian tile production was 9.331 billion square meters. India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey are impressively among the top ten countries in the world in tile production.

India's ceramic enterprises are mainly concentrated in Gujarat, especially in the area of ​​Morbi, where almost 1,500 large and small ceramic manufacturers gather here, of which 500 are large-scale manufacturers. In 2016, India surpassed Brazil to become the world's second largest producer and consumer of ceramic tiles, with the output rising to 955 million ㎡, up 12% over 2015. India's domestic tile consumption increased to 785 million square feet, an increase of 2.9%.

India's rapid development of building ceramics industry, can not help but Chinese equipment companies. Currently, Chinese equipment companies have occupied about 90% of the Indian market share.

In the past, ceramic machine business in Italy as a start earlier in the overseas market a dominance, but with the Chinese equipment companies in the technology and services increasingly mature, more and more ceramic enterprises began to choose Chinese equipment. Chinese equipment in the overseas market itself has superior cost performance, coupled with a relatively perfect after-sales service. Italian companies have flinched in these areas in recent years.

In India, although the local ceramics industry is developing rapidly, it is still inferior to China in product manufacturing and the quality of workers. Therefore, their requirements for equipment are even higher, and the equipment after-sales service also has a great demand.

In the pursuit of a broader market space, the entire enterprise output capacity has become the top priority. Before 2016, there were a few enterprises in the ceramic industry that could provide the entire line of equipment. There were only one company in the country and only Sacmi and SidiBain overseas.

As the "One Belt and One Road" policy continues to deepen, the Chinese equipment will be more and more popular in Asia and the surrounding areas, and the overseas markets will also have more and more prospects.

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