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Punch is a professional component in ceramic tile die assembly when manufacturing ceramic floor or wall tiles.The quality of molding and firing has big relationship with the punch.At the same time,the punch is a component easy to be consumed, thus the quality of punch has big influence to the production cost.
There are many types of punches. It could be divided into functional die punch and ordinary die punch according to its performance, upper punch and lower punch according to its position,steel punch,rubber punch and welding punch according to its material. Different manufacturer define their own types according to their own design.However,all the punches must have steel holding part and resin coating structure.
The steel substrate on the edge of the punch is easy to wear,Benda use alloy for build-up welding and processing,which could greatly improve punches service life.
After more than 20 years research and manufacturing,Benda dies has accumulated rich experience in punch of design,application,use effect,production quality and after-sale service.

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