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The ceramic tile mould assembly is a professional equipment that must be used when manufacturing ceramic tiles.

The ceramic tile mould assembly is made up of the following main components:
(1) Upper and Lower Punch (2) Mould Frame (3) Liner (4) Upper and Lower Magnetic Plate(with magnetic suction to fix upper and lower punch) (5) Ejection Plate (push the top of the magnetic plate); (6) the Bottom Plate (connecting the press table, processing precision to ensure accurate positioning) ; (7) Anti-dust cover (to prevent dust into the mold assembly, if the dust into the assembly,it's easy to cause stuck problem) (8) Mother Mold (9) Mould locking device (10) Magnetic Control Cabinet. (11) Heating Devices and Other Accessories.

The cerami tile mould assembly can be divided into different types according to the different requirements of the molding products: such as fixed assembly, single floating assembly, double floating assembly; profiled brick forming assembly, thin brick forming assembly, mosaic molding ; Die assembly, cover mold assembly; small, micro-brick molding assembly, large brick molding assembly and so on.

Ceramic tile mould assembly usually work for 3 months to 5 months, then it will need for renovation and maintenance. Each assembly can be continuously renovated up to 3-4 times.

The selection of ceramic tile mould is more complex, usually based on press performance and parameters, product structure, material composition and fabric, firing and processing requirements and many other factors.

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